Ohmbars come in three great flavours, Mocha, Chai, and Lemon Cranberry

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What’s Happening…


Authentic, original and unique

…I meant to add that on Saturday, I only had a small piece of a bar yet its taste, which I would qualify as being authentic, original and unique, stayed with me for a long time.  That, coupled with the fact that molasses is a good source of calcium and iron, makes your bars rather matchless.

Tasty, filling and nutritious!

It was a pleasure meeting you last Thursday at the coaching event downtown. I appreciate you having given me one of your Ohmbars to try out. It ended up coming in very handy the next day when I needed a little something to get me through the afternoon. Just wanted to let you know that it was everything you said it was; tasty, filling and nutritious!

Catherine of OrleansReal Estate Agent
Best bars I’ve ever tasted

These bars are the best bars I've ever tasted! I have many food restrictions so I often cannot eat even the healthiest bars. And then when I finally do find ones that I can eat, they usually taste awful. Finally, a bar that is delicious and that I can eat. Thanks, Tina Rae!!

Ana Macmillan
Nourished body and soul

I've been wanting to let you know for some time now how grateful I am that you've created these fabulous Ohmbars. They're the perfect  "wellness-on-the-go" snacks for me especially since I'm celiac and lactose intolerant. Oh yes... and I have hypoglycemic tendencies. I always have a bar in my purse and in my brief case so that I can be sure that I have something nutritious and delicious to eat when I'm on the run or am out longer than anticipated. I also find it's a perfect pick-me-up on the golf course or on the ski hill too. Thank you so much and thanks also my friend Sarah for introducing me to the yummy Ohmbars at her Living at One studio. I truly feel nourished body and soul!

Caroline Midgley
Yummy bars!

Just a quick note to let you know that I am thoroughly enjoying the bars I picked up at Healthfest on Saturday.  Well done! I too have several food intolerances and find it difficult to find healthy snacks that meet my needs and actually taste good!  I will most definitely be purchasing more. I also work in the Fitness Industry and will be spreading the word about these yummy bars!

PaulaCertified Personal Trainer
Lemon Cranberry is my personal favourite

"I won't leave the house without an Ohmbar in my bag! In fact I always have one in the car for those emergency situations, too. I love all the flavours, but the Lemon Cranberry Poppy is my personal favourite. Ohmbars are a delicious snack with zero guilt! I love that my gluten-free and dairy-free friends can also enjoy them.  Thanks for creating this amazing bar!"

Sarah RobertsFounder, Living at One
Perfect Snack

It was about 10am, when I was feeling hungry and then in walked Tina with her Ohmbars that are a perfect snack anytime!  I love that you can buy them and keep them in your purse, gym bag, desk and know that you are eating wholesome ingredients! Congratulations!

Naturopathic Dr. JoelRevivelife™ Clinic - Co-Founder, Enerjive
Meets my healthy requirements

As a world-renowned chef and holistic nutritionist I can attest to the
health benefits of all of the ingredients in Ohmbars! Blackstrap molasses is a Superfood and I believe we need to consume more of it in our North American diet; it's full of iron, vitamin B6 and trace minerals. I can tell that 
every ingredient used in your Ohmbars is specifically there for its
nutritional value. I also love the high fibre content which helps us to 
feel full and carry us to our next meal. Thank you Tina Rae for creating
 a delicious product that meets my healthy requirements!

Kathy SmartNorth America's Gluten Free Expert