About Us

I’ve been cooking and baking as long as I can remember alongside my Lebanese Father who has been my inspiration – always in the kitchen experimenting with something. We were fortunate to have my supportive Mother cleaning up the aftermath (of course I helped).

Photo Credit: P. Valencia

The inception of Ohmbars was a recipe a girlfriend gave me in 2007. Those bars are no longer even close to what Ohmbars have now evolved into. Actually, not even ONE ingredient is the same. I simply started modifying the recipe based on what my Father taught me when baking…adequate ratios of wet and dry ingredients. Using ingredients with high nutritional values based on my dietary needs at the time was my intention – and for them to taste good. Since I was terribly low in iron, protein deficient, vegetarian and lactose intolerant I started using ingredients that could supplement the vitamins and nutrients I was lacking.

(Please visit the Ingredients page to learn why the ingredients are what they are.)

In 2009 after returning from vacation with the intention of starting an import/export business, I came home to find that many friends wanted to order my homemade nutritional bars. I was buying groceries from health food stores and I always took a walk down the “bar” aisle to see what was out there, and always tried something new. I found nothing similar to Ohmbars at the time so I decided to start my own Company….but what would I call them???

Yoga, the Law of Attraction, the power of our mind to influence our life, the realization that we humans are so similar yet so different…these things inspire and intrigue me and I knew the name had to convey that to others.

Mental and physical well-being is our greatest assest and I hope to help others manifest and live this.