Humble Thanks

Ohmbars could not have come to fruition without the aid and influence of many lovely people.

Andrew Craig of was truly an inspiration; he was a few steps ahead of me in starting his business and was always there to offer direction and advice; and he still is!

Sarah Roberts ( and Roger Deveau have loved Ohmbars before they had a name. Sarah was my first fan, customer, friend and coworker when I first started making Ohmbars and she let everyone and anyone try a piece when she had one in her hand.  One of Roger’s networking gatherings led us to our next key person….

Travis Gobeil ( you are a joy to work with!  Travis is the packaging/web designer and when our lives intersected it was truly serendipity. Your work is as beautiful as your spirit.

Thank you to Kristen McCloskey who’s beauty and photography appear throughout some of this website.  She was also instrumental to Ohmbars by directing us to her good friend…

Emily Emond (, our accommodating graphic designer/amazing artist that completed the beautiful background graphics you see in purple.

A thousand thanks to Sarah Ormon, our Marketing and Communications Expert. Without whom, we wouldn’t have the reach that we’re going to.  Your energy always brings us up!

Family, Freinds and Loves; without your support and encouragement this would not have manifested.  Each of you has had an impact on the direction of my life, some small, some large.  (To me the definition of “Loves” is anyone that I have, or have had, a deep connection with.  And not necessarily a romantic connection…sometimes the word “friend” doesn’t seem to describe the depth of a relationship:)

Wishing all of our fellow man love, peace, patience and good health.

Nourish . Flourish . Thrive .

Tina Rae