Our Company

Core Purpose

To provide a nutrient rich product that supports many physiological functions while inspiring spirituality, self awareness and how the foods we eat correspond to our quality of life.


To be recognized internationally as a leader in promoting a balanced mind, body and spirit; in conjunction with suggesting food for the body, and food for thought.


We partner with like-minded individuals and local companies when possible.  We adhere to time-lines and are accountable to our words.  We take small steps everyday to become a better company; to be an influential voice for how important the small changes in our lives can affect us, and anyone witnessing our journey.


We value the human body and its ability to constantly regenerate.  We value the mind and its power over our quality of life.  We value spirit to guide us intuitively to what benefits us personally and professionally.  We value integrity and make choices for the people who buy our product, not the bottom line.

Market Position

Nutrition and enjoying your life happen in unison.


We are open, we listen, we ponder.  We strive for greater self awareness, as individuals and as an entity.  We believe in the power of consistent and positive thoughts to instill meaningful action.  We are logical, responsible, understanding and accountable.